What's your #1 complaint about your body skin? What do you wish you could change? I do not believe anyone in college should have special privileges due to academics. As college teams have certain schedules yes there may be times when players miss classes but they still should be required to complete in class assignments. If students believe that they cannot complete challenging work of some of their classes like some they should take the most basic classes if they believe that they can make it professionally and may even leave college early.<br/> <br/> Even now there are minimums for student athletes pertaining to their GPA and class attendance. I believe colleges aren’t too strict but just strict enough. These kids have to remember that too abide by college NCAA rules is to be a student before an athlete, which is most important. When playing for a college team the student athlete is not a paid professional but a student athlete. The main goal no matter what the future plans of college players are is to complete course curriculum with the minimum grades. IF athletes do not follow these minimum grades they are suspended from athletics until the grades have risen. If athletes were to get special privileges then many other conflicts may arise. People in college theaters and clubs also have a different kind of demanding lifestyle with their other priorities opposite of the classroom. Should they also get these special privileges? By allowing athletes to have an easier time how can the ones that do not go pro have respected degrees if their time in college was easier. I believe that if athletes were treated specially in college no matter the situation it would cause many problems within the media and also set a bad example for successful high school athletes that may assume they don’t need good grades because even in college we as athletes are treated specially.<br/>

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