Is there a person in your life who always has a hug and makes you feel better when they're around? Who is it – and what do you love about them? There are many teachers who have helped me over the years. Some though, have not helped. A good teacher has many qualities that display enthusiasm about influencing young minds and not only teaching the student but changing their lives. Two good qualities of a good teacher is one definitely being able to thoroughly understand and explain the material at hand. Some teachers I have noticed understand the material well but cannot explain it well enough for the students to understand it. Others i feel have not prepared for the lesson ahead and theerfore are not able to explain their statements. Another positive quality of a good teacher may be the ability to understand certain situations. Sometimes when a student is very sick for a long time they cannot get all of their make up work don't at once they need a spread of time to balance current and previous work. A teacher who can step into the shoes of a student can more easily understand things. Two other bad qualities of a teacher is not having enough grades in the grade book. Some teachers have four or five grades for a term which makes them all worth a lot which can really hurt a student if they do poorly on one of those grades. A second bad quality is a lazy teacher. Some teachers arent creative with lesson plans this makes classes boring, which causes less engaged studnts.

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